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Reliable hydraulic hoses in Canberra

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Hydraulic hoses made fast

Our expert team will help you in all your hose fitting needs

If you need a hydraulic hose in a hurry, the technicians at our store can fabricate it whilst you wait. With convenient parking right outside the front door and a wide range of 1/8 to 2” hose right here in stock, we will have your equipment up and running again in no time at all.

The widest range of hose and fittings in Canberra

We are the hose and fittings specialists. With the most extensive range of hose and fittings in stock anywhere in Canberra, we have you well covered with hydraulic, industrial and automotive hose and fittings.

Hydraulic cylinder repair

Our experts can reseal hydraulic rams in our workshop within 2 – 3 days using high quality seals from Norman Richards. Once we have measured the seals they can be ordered for reliable overnight delivery. Cylinder repairs such as tapping and welding are also carried out in our workshop and new rods and cylinders can be supplied to replace your damaged cylinders. Upon completion of any repairs/refurbishments every cylinder is thoroughly tested on our test bench.
Hydraulink Shop

Something unique? We can make it for you

In the unlikely event that we don’t have your specific fittings here on the shelf or if they are obsolete, we can fabricate them using the equipment in our highly equipped workshop.

Machine and weld

We provide general workshop services including machining, welding, tapping and drilling.

Motors, pumps, and valves

We have access to extensive and reliable supplies of new hydraulic pumps, motors, or valves, and our skilled technicians can rebuild or recondition your existing equipment.
Call us now on  02 6280 4777 for all of your hydraulic hoses, fittings, pumps and rams.
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