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Top-quality hydraulic fittings in Canberra

We only use high quality, long lasting hydraulic hose and fittings

Gates quality hydraulic hose

Here at Hydraulink Canberra, we use hydraulic hoses and matching fittings from the Gates quality range. This premium manufacturer is globally recognised and all of their hose and hose tails are matched and tested to one million cycles, which are twice the required DIN specification.

Hydraulic tube and fittings

If you need quality hydraulic tube, we carry a large range in both metric and imperial dimensions. Our technicians can duplicate your hydraulic lines using tube and fittings to match. Our range of Stauff compression fitting is ideal for all your metric size applications while our own Hydraulink components or tube welds will take care of your imperial requirements.

Hydraulic hose tails

With a complete range of hydraulic hose tails to match hoses from 1/8 test point to 2” hydraulic hose types, you will never be left high and dry. Our crimped, field attachable, and push-on fittings include:

  • BSP, NPT, JIC, and SAE
  • SAE Flange – light and heavy
  • Komatsu and CAT style
  • ORFS
  • Metric Light and heavy
  • Japanese Metric
  • SAE inverted flare.

    Hydraulic hose in stock

    We are the hose experts and we carry a huge range of specialist hoses right here in stock including:

    • Extremely high pressure hose
    • Carpet cleaning hose
    • High pressure hose
    • Low pressure hose
    • Fleet hose
    • Thermoplastic hose
    • Paint spray hose
    • Water blasting hose
    • LPG hose
    • Automotive hose
    • Test point hose
      Hydraulink Canberra
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